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Monday, June 19, 2006

USGA US Open 2006 - What a Sunday!

OH my goodness.

The Winged Foot Course won.
For Monty his adrenaline didn't kick in, for Phil his swing didn't match the vision, for Jim his putting reading on the 72nd hole gave me time to read a novel.

These guys were terrific to talk with the media in the media tent after their meltdowns. Congratulations to them for being so gracious.

Geoff Ogilvy didn't expect to win, but did. His game was worthy of the outcome.
Well done Geoff!

I picked Geoff O to win the Masters - okay, so I was a major tournament too early.

I'm looking forward to watching him at many more tournaments to come.

Until then, swing easy!

PS. Congrats to The Golf Channel for the excellent Post game shows.


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