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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ah Spring!

Ah ah!

Spring inspiration arrived early.

Normally for the average Canadian golfer the Masters signals the checkered flag start up of our golf season. This year Stephen Ames mastered Sawgrass by under cutting predictions of a nine under final score winning the tournament. He was fourteen under par with a nearly flawless final round.

Congratulations Stephen!

And thanks for kick starting our season of hopes a couple of weeks early.

Temperatures will rise, grass will grow, and golf courses will open.
Shots will be made, missed and wished upon.
Swings will feel like the first time at bat when we were seven and playing Tee ball,
The ball will soar, or dribble, and for the first couple of months we'll have stories
to share, excuses to create, memories to cultivate,
and friends with which to reunite.

Remember what Stephen's brother (his caddy) said to him just after the 10th hole, to help him get over the 'oops' on the tenth... "Have fun with this shot."

Forget about the bad hole, this is a whole new one.

Ah Spring!

Bring it on!


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