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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

First rounds

I'm a warm weather golfer so I waited until the sun shine warmed the air and on my first round of the year I played 9 holes and mastered greens, and temporary greens to manage 12 putts!

My Hopes were high!

Until the second outing on the golf course. 18 holes, 28 putts.
Then the third game and the putts ballooned to 34.
Not at all pleased I ventured out the next day and upped that to 38 putts.

Yikes - the more I play the worse I get?

By the 6th game in 9 days I managed to get the putts under 34
Today I had 32.

Ah HA! I'm on a downward trend.
Thank goodness!

The fewer the putts the better!

(Maybe I just needed more practice and all those putts are just helping my future games.)

The same thing happened with my chip shots.
Too many the first day but aim and distance was much today!


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