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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Frey's Fray

So a writer, James Frey, published his 'non-fiction' book and after it received high flying air wave publicity on Oprah W's show, the story was discovered to contain emblishments to the diversity and intensity and involvement of his prior bad acts.
He initially submitted the book as 'fiction' but an editor told him it would sell better as 'non-fiction'.
Sounds to me as if he and his team have the classic Sandbagger attribute. -I'll show you I'm worse than I am, and eventually, I'll see an increase in my pocket change.-

And the editor embellished the description of the book. or rather failed to add one word. 'creative.'

Now readers (some) are annoyed at being duped into believing the book contained only facts.
Is the writer a sandbagger? Or are the editor, the publisher, and the writer all sandbaggers?
It might be possible that they are all in cahoots and making a ton of pocket change and giggling all the way to the bank.

Maybe the Frey book should have been labeled as 'creative non-fiction'


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