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Sunday, October 09, 2005

What's the worst kind of win?

Ever been embarrased by winning?

Ever shot the game of your life to make the cut?
Some days you're simply in the 'zone' and the golf gods (all 4 of them)
are smiling upon you.

To conjure up the magic of that day, to re-create the amazing score,
it takes a lot of hard work, mental and physical preparation.

Either that or get drunk in the locker room and re-create the 'zone' alone. Confidence soars as you address the ball, but it feels more difficult
than a pilot's check list.
Then when you hit the worst shot of the day, turn to your playing group
and say, "I forgot to re-fuel."

If you drink, don't drive a car,
or a golf cart.

Have you ever been teamed up with the golf course sandbagger
and through no success of your own, the team wins?

Afraid that your golfing friends, and enemies, will call you a sandbagger?
It can happen.

Have you ever been paired with the club sandbagger and won a tournament?
Tell me your story.


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