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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Confessions of a Sandbagger EBOOK

Yes, my golf novel, "Confessions of a Sandbagger" is now available as an Ebook.

You can read a sample and purchase from

Wondering what "occupy insert_name_of_city" is about?

I feel it is about how the 99% have been sandbagged.

Tax forms are so complicated every tax paper needs to pay someone to complete the form.

  • Tax forms need to be simplified.
City, Municipal, state/provincial and federal taxes seem to be used to pay for the same things.

The powers that are in control need to Decide who pays for what and get it done.

  • If health care (in Ontario Canada) is paid for by the province, why is a regional /city area told to come up with money to cover building a new hospital in our city region.

  • If roads are a town responsibility, why is the region asking for tax increases

  • If full day kindergarten is an "education department" of the provincial government, why is the city having to pay for full day care spaces at an educational school building.

Provincial and Federal sales tax on Home heating .

  • There's talk of removing some of the sales tax from home heating but only if you heat your home by gas or oil.

  • What about the people who live in homes that are heated by electricity?

There's more issues about how the 99% have been sandbagged.

Have a look at what sandbagging is...

Don't take my word for it, do a google search and read the definitions.

Read my book and see some other ways we've been sandbagged.

Stay well,

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