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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Journalism awards were 'sandbagged'

"Press Club of Dallas may review Katie Awards"
"The Press Club of Dallas may have to review the last three years' worth of Katie Awards, one of the Southwest's most prestigious journalism prizes, because of the possibility they were rigged, the club's president said Monday.
The entries for the 2006 Katies apparently never went before judges, and competitions from 2004 and 2005 are being probed, club President Tom Stewart said."
Stewart said he believes the competitions might have been rigged by the club's former leader, who has won 10 Katies in the past four years and has a criminal record. "

I recommend you read the whole article.

Apparently the press club received entry fees for the contest, can't name any of the prior years' judges and the chairperson received awards 10 times in 4 years.

That's like running a tournament, charging green fees, not paying the hosting course, and then winning the tournament because of an ill gotten handicap.

Sandbagging doesn't just occur in sports.

It's why I won't pay an entry fee for a writing contest.

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